G8 begins. Today president George W. Bush will make a speech in which he will speak about China and Russia. The argument? Democracy and Security. The White House has discolsed that the president will attack Moscow on human rights and on the passed reforms against the freedom of speech in Russia. Bush will have a meeting with the Czech president Vaclav Claus and with the prime minister Mirek Topolanek.

Bush will have some other important meetings: with the president of Albania Alfred Spiro Moisiu and the prime minister Sali Ram Berisha. The last leg of his european journey will be in Sofia (Bulgaria). From Friday to Sunday G. W. Bush will be in Rome.

We can say that America is trying to extend its influence to every country of the ex-soviet area, limiting the Russian influence in Europe. But not only. The American diplomatic action is evident, for example, in Georgia. The White House has has established a strong relation with this country, proposing the entry in the NATO.




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